xrayThe practice has specialist foot x-ray facilities and we specialise in weight bearing foot x-rays that are especially useful for the identification and treatment of a full range of foot pathologies. We also offer an x-ray service for people who require accurate measurements before undergoing surgery. Our facilities are registered with a Radiological Protection Adviser RPA and Supervisor RPS and the staff undertaking and reading x-rays are POPUMET now IRMER trained. (Required by law)

How Are X-Rays Used?

X-rays are an essential tool to diagnosis. Most of the time they are a confirmation of the clinical diagnosis, but there are times we can identify the unexpected. We use x-rays in the practice to identify pathology, as a base line of how things are compared to a later date, and for preoperative and postoperative charting (measuring) of deformities.

Why Is A Weight Bearing X-Ray Important?

In the specialisation of Podiatry, weight bearing views are essential for assessing the biomechanics (engineering) of foot bone and joint positions. These fall in and out of well recognised criteria and all Podiatrists and Podiatric Surgeons rely on seeing the true position of the joints when the foot is ?loaded? under pressure of walking.

What Should I Do Next?

If you would like to discuss our foot X-Ray service, or if you have been referred for an assessment, then please contact us to make an appointment.