Nail Cutting Service


We provide a reduced fee, simple nail cutting clinic that is ideal for the elderly, visually
impaired, disabled or people who are simply unable to reach their feet safely.
This service is also suitable for diabetic patients.

Why Is Nail Cutting Important?

Most of us do not really give a lot of consideration to having our nails cut, but if you are elderly, infirmed or suffer from restricted movement then a nail cutting service can be a very important aspect of your healthcare.

Our nails are constantly growing, in fact it takes a little over 12 months for your toenails to completely re grow, so they can become very long and break leaving sharp edges that can penetrate the skin and lead to pain and infection. This is particularly important to be avoided in those more susceptible to infection such as the elderly and diabetics.

These infections can spread fast and furious in the feet, so should be avoided.

However, these problems can be largely avoided by ensuring that your toenails are regularly. If you are unable to do this yourself, then this service is ideal for the health and safety of you and your feet.