Cryosurgery is a non-cutting form of surgical removal of Verrucae/warts, neurovascular corns and other skin lesions. We specialise in the lowest temperature freezes which are only obtainable with the  use of liquid Nitrogen. This freezes lesions down to -196 C.
This is very cold, and by comparison, home freezing kits are relatively ineffective. 

The practice has the latest technology in cryosurgery. This is a method of removing lumps and bumps such as warts verrucae and neurovascular (painful) corns, without cutting the skin. This allows a quicker return to normal activities.

How Does it Work?

We use liquid nitrogen as the freezing solution; this super-cold liquid is passed through a specialised probe dropping the temperature to near minus -196 0C in the affected tissue. This causes a thermal cold burn of the skin in that area which kills the skin that the verruca is in. A blister forms, which over a few weeks dries out and eventually drops out with the verruca or other lesions. The process itself is minimally invasive (non-cutting) and is preferred by us because it leaves less scarring and usually does not interfere with daily activities as much as conventional surgical techniques.