Foot Orthoses


A major part of any treatment plan may involve Biomechanical Functional Orthoses. These are also more commonly referred to as Orthotics. They are often mistakenly assumed to be the same as arch supports but the one thing they are not are arch supports. True bio-mechanical devices do not work on the principles of 'supporting' the arch.

Instead, they are precision devices who's aim is to recapture the correct position of the angular relationship between the segments of the foot, leg, knee and hips, and spine. The computer scan captures this information to find the optimum postion in which the foot can function correctly. The orthotic is then constructed with postings at the front and rear of the device to control foot function around its optimum position.

Their  action controls abnormal motion of the foot without restricting normal motion and eliminates the jarring effect to the musculo-skeletal system experienced by arch supports and the damage they cause.

Orthoses are not to be considered a 'magic cure' but instead they are usually just one part of an overall treatment plan to restore normal foot and postural function.

As a rule we use Professional laboratories for our Orthoses and alterations, but there are situations that require a more urgent turnaround on minor alterations of Orthoses. For this purpose we have on site Orthotic facilities.