We believe that these should be fair and equitable to the work undertaken and the knowledge and skill of the practitioners involved.

We also believe in a clearly set out fee structure for every service that we offer. The cost is available prior to consultation upon request. Just ask a receptionist. These are variable dependant on the practitioners skills and your requirements.

Ongoing costs for any additional services would be explained and you are given a choice to proceed or not before they are undertaken


For self funding patients we have transparent and affordable preferential packages available


We have a good relationship with most Insurance companies BUPA, AVIVA, WPA, SIMPLY HEALTH, BCWA, REMEDY, HSA etc (but AXA/PPP being the exception currently under negotiation at 1/6/11)

It depends on your own individual policy what is covered by you Health Insurance Provider. Most will cover consultations, but it is best  to check with them what is covered. Some require GP referral others do not.

We charge within the framework of fees set by the insurers, but any shortfalls remain the responsibility of the patients.

As a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Mr Howell is covered by all the Insurers we are aware of. The Generalist Podiatrists Penelope Brooks and Clare Rushmer by some, for some treatments.