A Consultation Explained


Upon arrival in the clinic you will be welcomed at reception by one of our team.

You will be brought to one of our consulting rooms where you will be asked to remove shoes and hosiery. If your problem is of a Biomechanical postural nature it is useful to bring shorts or tracksuit bottoms, so that your whole posture can be evaluated. If it is purely a foot problem, this is not necessary. Usual foot wear with wear marks is also helpful and helps with the diagnosis of the problem.

If you require a chaperone please ask the team or bring a friend or relative. Under 16?s have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How You Can Help Us

Prior to your visit, please jot down your past medical or surgical history, current medication and the history of your current problem.

Try to establish as accurately as possible when the problem first started and where the focus of the problem is. We will be asking you a number of questions to elicit as accurate a diagnosis as possible so please leave plenty of time between your appointment with us and other commitments as you could be with us for over half an hour or so.

How We Can Help You

We will try to formulate the diagnosis of your problem on the day, explain this to you, and commence treatment if you so wish, if this is practicable. Most patients leave in more comfort than they arrive.

If you have any prior concerns, please ask any member of our team.