Childrens foot and postural problems are treated in association with other specialists and we can deal with in-growing toe nails, 


veruccae, curly toes and problems relating to posture etc.

What Is Podopaediatrics?

Simply put, podopaediatrics is the study of children's feet.



It's a well known fact that many deformities of the adult foot can be traced back to problems encountered earlier in life, and it is for this reason that we at the Foot Health Clinic firmly believe that its vital to get your child assessed at an early age, particularly if they show any signs of problems. This enables early intervention and a much higher chance of a successful treatment before any existing conditions can develop into further complications.

How Does Our Service Work?

We offer an initial consultancy where your child will be seen by our specialised podiatrist who will note your child's full medical history. A physical examination will then be carried out and, following that, a management plan will be discussed with you outlining the necessary courses of action. We aim to keep our assessments jargon free and we are happy to discuss any questions or issues that you might have at any point in the proceedings.

Podopaediatrics Can Help With:


  • In-toeing
  • Out-toeing
  • 'Tripping'
  • Femoral anteversion
  • Femoral antetorsion
  • Tibial torsion
  • Metatarsus adductus
  • Growing Pains
  • Flat feet
  • Severs Disease
  • And Many More

As well as many other conditions. If you have any doubts or concerns over your child's foot health, then please contact us and arrange a consultation.