Gait Analysis

main_2Computer Controlled Digital Video Postural Gait Analysis

The Orthoscanner is the world's first 3D dynamic functional gait analysis system. It uses multiple high definition video cameras all functioning in sequence, to enable us to ' see the unseen' and to design treatment procedures based upon accurate and repeatable scientific measurements.

This dynamic gait analysis a unique digital system and has revolutionised the detection and treatment of foot disorders and associated musculo-skeletal conditions.

The Foot Health Clinic is one of the first biomechanical assessment centres in the UK to offer this service. Our patients have consistently reported that the treatment regimes that they have received following an Orthoscanner assessment have led to exceptional results.

Patients already receiving treatment for foot problems, or those with unusual gait or posture, flat feet, in-rolling ankles, knock knees etc can all benefit from Orthoscanner assessment.

This leading edge technology provides in-depth gait analysis which assist the correct diagnosis and subsequently if required, highly accurate custom made Orthoses. (shoe inserts)